Amiable Acres Farm

Oregon Thoroughbred Performance Prospects

Since our founding in 1999 outside of Dayton, Oregon, we have been raising thoroughbreds that are healthy, strong, agile and highly intelligent, with a balance of a kind and trusting temperament. The yearlings and 2-year-olds we offer for sale are excellent candidates for hunter/jumper, eventing, dressage, polo and similar disciplines. We train with natural horsemanship methods used by Monty Roberts and the late jockey/trainer Johnny Longden.

Our stallions live year-round alongside their broodmares and offspring. This natural herd environment is the foundation for raising happy, healthy and contented horses, and creates strong bonds between members of each respective herd. This is what makes our farm, and our horses completely unique to any other breeding farm in the Pacific Northwest.

We do not use performance enhancing drugs, medications or perform corrective surgeries to enhance our horses' conformation or physical appearance. High quality hay and some supplemental grain with all natural ingredients, access to clean water, salt, dry stalls and a healthy living environment keeps our horses very fit and sound! All of our foals are bred on the farm to closed herds.

Our bloodlines were carefully selected in order to produce healthy foals that exhibit the finest qualities of temperament, intelligence, conformation, soundness and speed. Our bloodlines include Seattle Slew, Northern Dancer, In Reality, Mr Prospector and Stately Wager, and most of our foals have the X-Factor gene that gives them an extra-large heart.

We spend adequate time gentling our yearlings and teaching them basic groundwork fundamentals using the pressure-and-release method of training. They are left as a "clean slate" for their future owner/trainer to step in and start them from the ground up for whatever discipline they are training.

Since our founding, a number of horses we've sold have entered the California racing community and won at multiple tracks including Del Mar, Sun Ray Park, Hollywood Park and Arapaho Park. None of our horses have ever had a DNF (Did Not Finish) posted in their race results.

Having personal relationships with each of our horses is essential to their health, security and well-being. One of the most effective methods is establishing ourselves as fellow herd members by encouraging mutual grooming between us and the horse. Contrary to popular belief, this does NOT encourage biting, but rather discourages it by giving the horse a means of instinctive communication by physical contact. (Although sometimes they will give the occasional nip!) This is the basis for fostering happy, contented horses that have complete trust in us, and respect us as their herd leaders.

Please use the Contact Us link at the top of this page for any questions or sales inquires. Visitors are always welcome to schedule a visit to our farm and meet our horses. We are located outside of Dayton, Oregon, about 30 minutes north of Salem. We look forward to helping you find the thoroughbred horse of your dreams!

-- Fred and Joan Booth, owners

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